Athletic Scholarship Statistics

Statistics rarely lie. And unfortunately, the numbers show that the recruiting game is a tough process to go through.

There are more than seven million high school athletes, but there are college roster spots for just two percent of them. Getting to the NCAA Division I level is even tougher. Just one percent of those seven million student-athletes get a full ride to a Division I program.

The recruiting process takes work, and earning an athletic scholarship is far from easy. That’s why it’s essential to join forces with experts like NCSA.


NCSA’s Stat Line

The stats for NCSA are impressive. We have more than 450 former college athletes on staff, and those experts find college matches for 93 percent of the student-athletes we work with. The online athlete profiles hosted by NCSA are viewed over one million times by college coaches each year. One of the stats we’re most proud of is the fact that student-athletes have earned an average of $16,700 in scholarships and aid each year, as reported by NCSA athletes. 

athletic scholarship statistics infographic




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